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Surprise your loved one with a Van der Valk Giftcard and experience the most beautiful moments at Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants worldwide. Whether it's a delicious dinner, luxury overnight stay or a fun weekend away, the Giftcard offers countless options for an unforgettable experience!

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Did you order the Van der Valk Giftcard online? Then you can activate it yourself with the activation code you received by email. You do not need to activate the E-Gift card.

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Check balance

Don't know the balance on your Van der Valk Giftcard or want to check the remaining balance? Then you can easily check this.

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The Van der Valk Giftcard can easily be ordered online. After your order it will be sent as soon as possible to the address you provided. You can also purchase the Giftcard at the reception of one of the Van der Valk hotels. You will receive the E-Giftcard in your mailbox immediately after ordering.

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Van der Valk Giftcard

Frequently asked questions Using the Giftcard

You can use the Van der Valk Giftcard both physically and online at your favorite Van der Valk hotel or restaurant. The value of the Giftcard can be loaded to any amount between €5 and €250. The balance on the card is valid for 5 years, can be spent in parts and cannot be paid out in cash.

Frequently asked questions
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