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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about Valk Giftcard and can't quite figure it out? Check out the answer to our most frequently asked questions here. Is the answer to your question not listed? Then feel free to contact us!


What is Valk Giftcard?

The Valk Giftcard is a gift card in the form of a card containing an amount that the recipient can spend at one of our Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants. The Valk Giftcard is also known as a gift card or gift pass.

It is a modern variant of the gift card or voucher. A gift card has the format of a credit card with a magnetic strip and barcode on the back on which the credit/money value can be 'loaded'. A gift card is much more personal and fun than an envelope with money inside.

At which hotels can you spend the Valk Giftcard?

You can spend the Valk Giftcard freely at all Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants at home and abroad. You can use the Giftcard both physically and online.

See our hotels here

On what can you spend the Valk Giftcard?

You can use the card for anything within a Van der Valk Hotel/Restaurant. For example, for a delicious dinner, a luxury overnight stay, a relaxing wellness package or to hire bicycles, for example.

Ordering & Activating

How do I order the Valk Giftcard?

You can order the Valk Giftcard on this order page. Here you can specify how many gift cards you want to order and what the value of these cards may be.

Would you prefer to order the Valk Giftcard for business purposes to surprise your colleagues or employees? You can do so via this page.

Where can I activate the Giftcard?

If you have ordered the Giftcard online, it still needs to be activated after you receive it. For security reasons, Van der Valk Giftcards are not sent activated. Activate your Gift Card here.

Once purchased at one of our hotels, the Valk Giftcard no longer needs to be activated.

I have not received a Giftcard, what can I do?

If you have not received the Valk Giftcard you can do the following:

  1. Check with PostNL if there are current delays in your area. View current delays here.

  2. Or contact us. You can do this by telephone or e-mail, please state your order number.

I have not received an activation code, what can I do?

We will send the activation code, after you have placed the order, to the e-mail address provided by the ordering party. If you have not received an activation code, we would like to ask you to check your spam mailbox as well. If you still have not received it, please mail to: or call +31 (0) 88-024 64 40.

Up to how many euros can you order the Valk Giftcard?

The Valk Giftcard can be ordered between €5 and €250 per card. You can order a maximum of 25 cards at one time. If you would like to order more cards, you will need to go through the ordering process again.

What is the delivery time for orders?

PostNL is responsible for shipping. In principle, your Gift Card will be delivered within 3 working days. For shipping within Europe they use 3 to 5 working days and for shipping outside Europe 3 to 8 working days.


How can I see the balance on my Giftcard?

You can check the balance via this balance checker. To do this, you need the 19-digit card number and the security code, which can be found on the back of the Giftcard. The security code can be found under the scratch layer.

If you have not yet activated the Giftcard, you cannot yet see the balance. Please activate your Giftcard on this page first.

Do I need to spend the Valk Giftcard balance all at once?

No, that is not necessary. The advantage of a Valk Giftcard is that the amount does not have to be redeemed in one go. The remaining balance remains on the card.

The balance on the Valk Giftcard cannot be paid out in cash.