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Van der Valk Giftcard als kerstcadeau in de kerstboom

Blog - An unforgettable Christmas present How to give an unforgettable Christmas gift

An unforgettable Christmas gift: Van der Valk Giftcard

Christmas is the time of year when we want to surprise our loved ones with special gifts. Finding the perfect Christmas gift can sometimes be a challenge, but no worries!

In this blog article, we would like to introduce you to a unique gift idea: the Van der Valk Giftcard. I can hear you now thinking "a gift card? There's nothing special about that!" After reading this blog, you will think differently - if all goes well.

Find out why the Van der Valk Giftcard is the ideal Christmas gift and how it can give the recipient an unforgettable experience.

A Christmas gift that more than just a card

Giving a gift card is often seen as "I'm not really sure what to give, but a gift card is always good". But a Van der Valk Giftcard is not just another gift card. It is a key that opens doors to unforgettable moments that the recipient will experience, together with the person(s) they bring along.

Whether it's a romantic weekend away with your partner, a cosy family holiday or a relaxing getaway with friends, Van der Valk hotels offer the perfect setting for special moments.

A Van der Valk Giftcard is a Christmas gift full of luxury, culinary pampering, flexibility and convenience.

Luxury and relaxation

A stay at a Van der Valk hotel is synonymous with luxury, comfort and relaxation. With a Van der Valk Giftcard, you give the recipient the opportunity to enjoy an exceptionally comfortable stay in one of our beautiful hotels.

An oasis of tranquillity

Imagine the recipient arriving in an elegant hotel lobby, where he or she is warmly welcomed by the friendly staff. Our hotels are once known for their stylish décor, which can be both modern and classic, with an eye for detail and quality. The spacious and tastefully decorated rooms offer an oasis of calm, where the recipient can retreat and relax.

All the wellness you need

Besides comfortable accommodation, Van der Valk offers various wellness facilities to allow the recipient to completely unwind. Think luxury spas, heated pools, hot tubs, saunas and fitness centres. It is an invitation for the recipient to pamper themselves and relax completely for a while in an environment carefully designed to stimulate all the senses.

Culinary indulgence

Besides luxury accommodation, Van der Valk also offers an exquisite culinary experience. With the Van der Valk Gift Card, the recipient can enjoy delicious meals in one of Van der Valk's restaurants. Whether the recipient is a lover of tasty dishes from international cuisine or traditional Dutch delicacies, there is something for everyone.

Flexibility & convenience

With the Van der Valk Giftcard, the recipient also enjoys flexibility and convenience. Whether planning a weekend away or experiencing a delicious dinner, with the gift card everything is possible.

The beauty of a Van der Valk Giftcard is that there is no fixed destination or date attached to it. The recipient has complete freedom to decide where and when (within a 5-year period) he or she wants to enjoy the experience. Whether it is a romantic getaway during the winter months or a summer holiday, the gift card effortlessly adapts to the recipient's wishes.

This makes it an ideal Christmas gift as it allows the recipient to choose the perfect timing and destination. With a Christmas gift like this, the recipient is assured of a unique experience at the desired time and location.

Give the Christmas gift a personal touch

You might still have a bit of a feeling that a Van der Valk gift card as a Christmas present will come across as a bit cold. Fortunately, there is a solution, because you can easily give the gift a super nice personal touch.

Nothing is nicer than giving a Christmas present that is specially tailored to the recipient. You can write a sweet personal message on the card. This small gesture makes the gift even more special and lets the recipient know that you really thought of them.

Write a heartwarming Christmas wish, share a lovely memory you made together or recommend an activity the recipient can do during their stay.

Besides a sweet personal message, you can include something small to make the gift special. For example, think of the recipient's favourite chocolate bar or a small Christmas decoration item that the recipient can hang up during the holidays.

That way, you add an extra touch of thoughtfulness to the Christmas gift and put a smile on the recipient's face.

The perfect Christmas gift waiting to be given

Instead of simply thinking "a gift card is always good", with a Van der Valk Giftcard you give a unique and meaningful experience. It is a way of saying, "I want you to enjoy special moments and I give you the freedom to choose when and with whom you want to share these moments."

Now you know why our gift card is more than just a gift card, it opens doors to unforgettable experiences and creates precious memories that the recipient will cherish forever. Easily order your card online and hopefully you may join the recipient!

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